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My Background


I have been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and I feel naked without a sketch pad by my side. Born in Philadelphia, I was introduced to a variety of art forms via the East Coast boardwalks early on, which has stuck with me all my life; and though my artistic endeavors were crude in the beginning, I just kept sketching what I saw and what I dreamed up. Later, my parents relocated to Michigan; I was about six and a half years old at the time and was terribly distraught having to leave my grandparents, the row houses and the electrifying feeling one gets breathing in the cool air off the Atlantic. However, I eventually adjusted to being a Mid-Westerner andcontinued to pursue art along my journey. As a teenager, like many I trudged through some awkward years, which had me feeling sad and angry and disillusioned--sound familiar?  Well, fortunately I made it through, but I was able to grow significantly while enduring my adolescent licks.  Most importantly, I found a couple instructors during these harsh years, who mentored me and taught me that life was full of incredible and wonderful things--things I could model my art after and that art is not just an outlet, but that it is an extension of the artist him or herself.  I didn't see it at first, but I certainly do now.

At present, I live with my family in the Metro Detroit area. I love

and am inspired by God's majesty and all his creations and am thankful for all

the blessings and love He has given me. I am equally

inspired by the beautiful light that is Jesus andHis great love and eternal sacrifice for God's children.


I have two sons that bring joy to my life and a wonderful husband that supports me in every thing I do. The great thing about our relationship is that he is a writer, and I am an artist; therefore when we get mad at each other or bored with the grind of everyday life we have our imaginations to keep us orbiting one another. Having been influenced by comics and their wide array of heroes, I believe that they are a great way for new readers to learn how to read. Moreover, I am often fueled artistically by superhero stories, cartoons, and the art of all the great and master artists of the past, such as Michelangelo, Dali and Disney. I am also very inspired by my Grandma Thompson; she was my Tinkerbell and Sunflower, having taught me that one can be and do anything so long as one believes in oneself--and that magic is very real so long as one doesn't let the child inside die when one achieves the status of adult. Therefore, I try to live each and every day as though it was my last; I enjoy being as colorful as possible. I love to exercise and to constantly be active.  Though my husband is somewhat of a homebody, I insist that we get out and see as much of the world as possible as often as possible.  There's no day like today, and idle hands invites evil thoughts; that's my motto.  I also buy into Hakuna Matata, but I did grow up a Disney nerd.  Essentially, I'm just one of the guys, but I like to look pretty on my days off. My favorite things (that is my favorite tangible and materialistic things) are Avocados, flavored water, vintage television, toys and memorabilia, funky and nostalgic apparel like costuming and Steampunk, Cranbrook, Matchbox 20 and Pink Floyd, the Volkswagen Bug  and a good Caesar Salad--loaded with the works!  That's me.  And as the late great John Candy said, "I like me".  I hope you do too. 

Oh yeah, one last thing... I owe my entire family my love and gratitude for supporting me every step of the way, for the lady and artist I am today I would not be without them.

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as color pencils, clay, acrylics, oil, digital ect. I am a lover of art no matter the medium. 

My Inspiration


Everything :D

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